Placement test

1. Do you like orange juice?

A. Yes, I did.

B. Yes, I do.

C. No, I am not.

2. Did you hear the bell?

A. No, I did not.

B. Yes, I hear.

C. No, I do not.

3. Where are the children now? They are _______ in the garden.

A. played

B. play

C. playing

4. He ________ in physics.

A. is interested

B. is interesting

C. interests

5. They ________ three days in the country last week.

A. spend

B. spends

C. spent

6. I __________ at university next year.

A. will study

B. study

C. studied

7. The TV ________ down, while we _________ the news.

A. broke … was watching

B. break … watched

C. broke … were watching

8. _________ you ________ to go home now?

A. Have … wanted

B. Do … want

C. Did … want

9. I _________ this film twice this year.

A. have seen

B. saw

C. see

10. Look, the water _______. I’ll make you some coffee.

A. boils

B. boiled

C. is boiling

11. He is ___________ than his brother.

A. fast

B. faster

C. the fastest

12. I ________ through the instructions, but I don’t understand them.

A. have already looked

B. looks yet

C. are just looking

13. He said he ________ his umbrella.

A. had lost

B. has lost

C. lose

14. He ________ speak English.

A. able to

B. can

C. can to

15. You must ________ your teeth everyday.

A. clean

B. to clean

C. cleaning

16. You look tired. You ________________ have a rest.

A. need

B. should

C. can

17. The meeting is ________ 2 o’clock, _________ Monday.

A. in, on

B. at, on

C. by, at

18. I like to travel _________ bus.

A. on

B. with

C. by

19. She plays _________ basketball very well.

A. in

B. on

C. –

20. – Excuse me, could you tell me the time, please?
– _____________________

A. What’s your name?

B. Oh, I am late.

C. It’s five o’clock now.

21. – Could you help me, please?
– _____________________

A. All right.

B. See you tomorrow.

C. Yes, I do.

22. – How are you?
– ____________________

A. Could be better, thanks.

B. I don’t know.

C. And you?

23. – Are you doing anything tonight? Would you like to watch a film?
– ____________________

A. Yes, and a pound of butter, please.

B. Perhaps. Yes, why not?

C. How could you do such a thing?

24. – Thank you very much.
– ____________________

A. And you?

B. How kind of you.

C. Not at all.

25. – Can I bring you anything?
– ____________________

A. Yes, please. A cup of coffee, if you do not mind.

B. Is service included?

C. Oh, happy birthday.


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